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Our mission is to help individuals desiring to enter the healthcare field make the transition to Healthcare professionals who will posess the skills, confidence, and ability to give excellent and empathetic service to those who are in need.

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Kentuckiana CPR CNA training program introduces students to various aspects of the health care industry at the entry level. This program provides prospective students a quality path of entry into the healthcare field within a relatively short period of time. Students have the opportunity to develop a number of healthcare related entry level skills that will serve as a strong foundation for employement and future healthcare goals. This program is approved by the Indiana State Department of Health ( ISDH)

Kentuckiana CPR students who complete our Indiana State Department of Health ( ISDH) approved program are able to take the state certification exam to become Certified Nursing Assistants. Upon completion of the course and state exam, students are eligible to be placed on the CNA and Home Health Aide Registries for Indiana & Kentucky. We utilize various instructional strategies and technologies to introduce the student to:

The Role of The Nursing Assistant Observing and Reporting Vital Signs of Measurement
Dementia Training Interpersonal Skills Bathing
Cognitive Impairment Infection Control Skin Care
Medical Terminology Safety Hair and Nail Care
Residents Rights Dressing Patient Care Procedures
Transferring Basic Anatomy and Physiology Positioning
Nutrition and Hydration Professionalism Communication
Care of the Dying Patient Ethics CPR and First Aid
Patient Rights

Students benefit from the use of our extended laboratory, online resources, Exam prep and tutorials. The Empathy Training portion of the course equips the student with the ability to identify with the patient. Through a series of condition-focused activities, students are able to obtain a firsthand understanding of many of the patient deficits and situations presented in the healthcare field.

A second layer of the course is an extended laboratory experience designed to provide students the opportunity to assume the role of a health care provider and practice technical skills, previously learned in the classroom, at the clinical site.

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Requirements to be a CNA:

  1. You must be 18 years of age.
  2. Be able to read, write and speak English.
  3. Be able to perform basic Math
  4. Have a valid state issued photo ID
  5. Have a Social Security Card.
  6. You cannot have any felony convictions within the past (7) seven years.
  7. You must have reliable transportation and childcare
  8. A high school diploma or GED is NOT required
  9. You must pass a physical exam and 2 Step TB test.
  10. You must NOT have or be receiving treatment for a chemical dependency (within the past year)
  11. Must NOT have or being treatment for a debilitating mental health condition. ( the past year)
  12. You must be commited to your own success!!

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Need Financing Options? We can Bill You Later
Start class with zero down: Take 6 months to pay off your course!
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